The New Butterfly Playing Cards Launches Today!

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The New Butterfly Playing Cards Launches Today!

The NEW Butterfly Playing Cards are set to launch on Kickstarter today (July 2, 2019)! The deck is one of the best-marked deck in the market featuring a beautifully designed card back, gorgeous Ace of Spades and two butterfly silhouette jokers.

It comes with standard US faces as it is intended mainly for magicians who prefer standard faces as they are familiar and easily recognizable by the audience.

There will be two main editions - Black & Silver and Black & Gold. There will be limited Early Bird Rewards on the first day of the campaign. All decks will be gilded in France using a technique that makes handling of the cards smooth and retains faro capability.

The butterfly marking system remains unchanged from the 2nd edition Butterfly Playing Cards. The gilding and foiling highly improve the disguise of the marking system.

The cards will be printed in Belgium by Cartamundi on the popular B9 true linen finish will be applied to a new paper stock.

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