Deck View: Illusion d'Optique Playing Cards

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Deck View: Illusion d'Optique Playing Cards

Visual. Perception. Optical.

I've always been fascinated by optical illusion and the way it tricks the eye! I especially love how an image can be manipulated by what the mind perceives depending on where you focus. With intriguing designs, colors, and shapes, a simple deck of playing cards can achieve that kind of effect, “deluding” the eyes as colors change, shapes transform, and static, printed ink seems to come alive! Amazing job from the team at Art of Play.

The 54 eye-popping original designs are created by a master of visual perception, Gianni Sarcone (Instagram: @g.sarcone)with updated versions of classic illusions, plus innovative new concepts he developed after years of study. The deck is housed in a mesmerizing, rainbow-sheen holographic tuck-case, you may feel like you're hallucinating before you even open up the box!

Illusion d'Optique is a beautiful deck and some of the most interesting and unique face cards we've ever seen. This deck will probably be the most jaw-dropping collection of optical illusion playing cards ever assembled.

Available from Art of Play for $18.

Deck View: Illusion d'Optique Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 6/14/2020 Rating: 5

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