Infinite Rule Playing Cards by Andy Sundblad on Kickstarter

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Infinite Rule Playing Cards by Andy Sundblad on Kickstarter

Infinite Rule is a gorgeous deck of playing cards designed from the ground up by Andy Sundblad, a long-time freelance designer and illustrator for the wine industry. According to Andy,
Inspired by other independent designers who’ve made outstanding playing cards, I decided to create one of my own. This is me, putting my best, longest, and hardest work out there. 100% my all. My personal American dream. I hope you like it.

Inside, every one of the face cards is elaborate, unique, and detailed. Andy continued,
I felt strongly that each and every illustration should be new—not recycled simple card figures from 100 years ago. It took me months to design and illustrate the cards—it’s the most hours I’ve ever spent on a project. These illustrations were my “One Thing” that I did each morning, until they were complete. 

The artwork of the four aces are truly mesmerizing. Rather than just a simple suit design on each card, Andy wanted elaborate, unique artwork that would make you feel extra lucky when fortune dealt it to your hand.

The courts have been updated with a more modern look. They now hold badass weapons such as maces, axes, and swords. The weapons change with each suit so there are 12 unique weapons in total.

To give it a touch of luxury and sophistication, the card backs and faces will be embellished with metallic ink. 

The deck is kept secure in an exquisite tuck box featuring intricate design on rare burgundy-colored paper with a special soft feel, enhanced with gold foil and embossing. 

Produced by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). Pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter. Add-ons such as enamel pins, marbled dice, uncut sheet, deck case, and screenprints are available during the campaign.

Infinite Rule Playing Cards by Andy Sundblad on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 6/03/2020 Rating: 5

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