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Kickstarter: The Keys Playing Cards by Paper Poetry

Now on Kickstarter, Keys Playing Cards is a simplistic deck inspired on the common everyday object. On the product page,
Keys are everywhere in our everyday life, both as physical objects and concepts. We give the keys of our heart to our loved one, we close doors with the past and open new ones to get along in life. Keys can have different meanings, they can represent freedom or the loss of it, opening and closure, a new beginning or an end. They symbolize curiosity and the unknown, a purpose or a goal, imprisonment or power.

Designed by the team at Paper Poetry (Instagram: @paperpoetrycards), the team wanted to empower an everyday object by representing it in a very simplistic but yet elegant way. The card back is simplistic, elegant, and recognizable with a crossed keys mirrored designed on a Royal Blue background with a thin white border.

The courts are pretty much standard but personalized with Daniel Schneider Court cards with clean and sharp line work. The Kings now hold keys, new details on the Queen’s dresses, and all swords and hatchets removed.

The custom aces are unique, sophisticated, and yet familiar. Paper Poetry has offered them a "frame" represented as a key chain Hotel vintage-style with an elegant tassel.

The deck is kept in a custom tuck case printed on matte finish stock. Keys with red tassels are prominently featured on the front, consistent with the card backs. Keys will be printed by Cartamundi.

Pledge starts from $14 on Kickstarter.


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