Discounted Blue Kittens Playing Cards on Ellusionist

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Discounted Blue Kittens Playing Cards on Ellusionist

Ellusionist "Kittens" Playing Cards is back with a BLUE colorway and at a discounted price due to the markings on the diamonds printed backward in their sequence. According to Ellusionist on the product page,
This means you won’t be able to use the covert markings to read any diamond card selected with accuracy. All the other markings are fine, functional, and unaffected. Just Ace to King of diamonds. To save the environmental cost of shipping these back from California to Belgium... we’ve decided not to scrap these and start again.

If you weren’t using these primarily as a marked deck, then you won’t notice the difference. The deck comes in a violet/blue colorway that is a reminiscence of a 70s souvenir deck.

The tuck features a knitted design artwork with the word kittens on the front and the cards inside feature kittens on the Ace of Spades and two-way backs.

You can love them as a normal, unmarked deck and we’ll pass the lack of re-shipping cost on to you for the mistake. The Blue Kittens are printed by Cartamundi on their sought-after E7 stock and the handle incredibly! Good value for $8 on Ellusionist.

Discounted Blue Kittens Playing Cards on Ellusionist Reviewed by Ivan on 6/24/2020 Rating: 5

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