Deck View: Pinball Playing Cards

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Deck View: Pinball Playing Cards

Nostalgic. Geometric. Energy.

Released in 2018, BOCOPO Playing Card Co.'s Pinball Playing Cards is a nostalgic tribute to the best game included with the Windows OS. The virtual pinball table with blinking lights and arcade sounds, 3D Pinball seemed like magic back in the 90s and this deck is designed to bring the magic back into your hands. The deck sports a contrasting blue, white, and beige colorway, which makes the design pop!

The card backs feature a borderless geometric design inspired by the game. The face cards are fully custom and the geometric design from the backs have been applied throughout. The courts and Ace of Spades, in particular, are very well done! The color palette adds energy and fun to the deck. The pips have been redesigned and work well with the overall theme of the deck. However, at first glance, the pips have the same color scheme and style, making it hard to distinguish each suit. However, once you get used to it, there are no problems.

The designer did a good job of bringing back the excitement of the retro game. Printed by the U.S Playing Card Co. and available NOW from for $11.95.

Deck View: Pinball Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 6/21/2020 Rating: 5

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