First Look at The Carbon Deck(s)

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First Look at The Carbon Deck(s)

[Update] The Carbon Decks are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Elemental Playing Cards are back with the 3rd installment of the popular series and this time around in collaboration with Luke Wadey for the Carbon Deck(s). The deck is scheduled to launch on in a few hours on Kickstarter (23rd June). The Carbon Deck campaign will be the first element in the line to feature 2 editions- Carbon Diamond Edition and Carbon Graphite Edition.

Diamond and Graphite are both are well-known minerals. Both are made of carbon atoms arranged in a crystalline structure. However, that is where their similarities end and in fact could not be any more different from one another. It is because of these differences that Nick Nisco decided to make both these decks as different from one another as possible

Carbon Diamond Edition has a 2-way back design with an included marking system geared more towards magicians, whilst Carbon Graphite Edition has a 1-way full bleed back design geared more towards cardists.

Carbon Diamond Edition was designed with magicians in mind. The two way back design features a familiar central circle design element that is inspired by the Tally-Ho Circle Backs. The design is meant to represent a round-cut diamond using a mosaic of various shapes and shades of black and white. The darker background coupled with this mosaic gives off an optical illusion of a diamond shimmering in the light. Around the perimeter of the diamond, you will also see the words "Diamond Edition."

Carbon Graphite Edition features a one-way design and semi-border/full bleed aiming to create unique and interchangeable fans. The focal feature is a large hexagon, it's textured and asymmetric gradients establishing a point of reference in your flourishes. Large pencil strokes run off the upper left side corner - the effect of scribbling in one place as if you were roughening up a freshly sharpened pencil helping to create dark areas during fans and spreads.

The face cards are completely standard except for the court cards and the ace of spades. Each of the court cards is done in black and white and has the diamond mosaic weaved throughout the garment each court card. The fading and smudging effect is prominently featured on the Graphite Edition. The designs also inhabit modified eyes, with the lower eyelid lines being removed for a cleaner finish, and overall result in a sense of familiarity whilst remaining distinctly individual.

The ace of spades follows a similar motif as the previous decks in the Elemental Playing Card line. It features an enlarged spade pip and in the center of the pip is Bohr's atomic model for carbon. The model includes carbon's atomic number, symbol, and the number of valence electrons.

Both editions of the deck will feature 3 jokers that were hand-drawn. The first shows an open hand holding piece of graphite. The second a closed fist around that piece of graphite with the words "pressure" underneath. And finally, the third joker shows the hand opened up once more, now with a piece of diamond.

The tuck design continues to follow the same motif as previous editions which a large circle on the front of the tuck that wraps around the sides. The element symbol "C" for carbon found in the center with the word "carbon" written underneath. "Diamond Edition" is written above the "C". The graphite tuck uses a deep grey to replicate that of pencil lead, contrasting with the white of the diamond edition.

[Update] The Carbon Decks are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at $12. Don't miss out!


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