Kickstarter: Graphic Cheatsheet 2 - The Palettes Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Graphic Cheatsheet 2 - The Palettes Playing Cards

Introducing the Graphic Cheatsheet 2: The Palettes! This deck is the follow-up to the Graphic Cheatsheet playing cards, successfully funded on Kickstarter by Color Collective Co. The goal is to create a functional purpose within a deck of playing cards, according to the Kickstarter campaign page,
We wanted to keep the color aspect (as we think color naturally helps spark inspiration and creates a mood) and also somehow integrate useful references that can be used on a daily basis, whether you are a Graphic Designer or someone who maybe look into that career pathway.

At the same time, the team wanted to keep things simple so that anyone who picks up this deck can instantly understand its purpose. After testing several concepts, they came ended up with The Palettes. 
This time we used color palettes and combined them with useful and commonly used graphic terms, these infographic court cards will give Graphic Designers a quick and illustrative reference which they can use to share with their clients so they can quickly and easily understand these terms, but most importantly, this means more time can be spent on Design!

This new version incorporates the color combo numbered cards which can be presented to clients to get a quick idea of the type of color scheme they are looking for. 

The Courts have been redesigned with fun illustrative graphics to visually explain the differences between certain terminology that is commonly used in the graphic design industry. A useful descriptive explanation is also featured below the diagram to provide additional clarity and scenarios of where these can be implemented. 

The Backs features the integration of the front color palettes which brilliantly develops into a 2-way back design. The Jokers showcase the two main color codes RGB and CMYK - these have a visual reference and a descriptor below. 

The tuck box is an extension of the colored palettes from the numbered cards, the layout and design of the tuck box are also reminiscent of the V1 tuck box, the team wanted to create continuity between the two decks to visually fit together.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company. Pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter.

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