Iron Man MK 85 Playing Cards Sold Out!

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Iron Man MK 85 Playing Cards Sold Out!

Presented by CardMafia, the Iron Man playing cards are officially licensed by Disney’s Marvel Comics. 11 Years ago, the first Iron Man movie kicked off what is now known to be the biggest superhero franchise of the world - Marvel Studios. The 3,999 decks were released over the weekend and sold out in less than 5 hours. 

The Iron Man Playing Cards is designed to take you into the journey of Tony Stark (a.k.a Iron Man) and honors the red and gold color scheme, symbolizing Iron Man’s Mark 85 Armour during his battle in Avengers: Endgame. 


The main feature of the entire deck reveals itself when you open up the deck. As the “mechanical parts” move, the inner magnets trigger the light sensor “activating” Iron Man Arc Reactor. According to the product page,
Just like the Mark-85 itself, the tuck case opens up displaying all 6 mechanical parts as if harnessing the energy and ready to battle the mad titan! The center of the tuck case features the iconic Arc Reactor that Tony Stark created to power his Armour. We built upon our previous tuck case designs and added a power source to it, just like Tony Stark, we were able to light up the tuck case with beautiful LED Lights.

The design of the playing cards itself fully illustrates the technological advancements of Iron Man. From the intricate details of the arc reactor from the back design to the custom court cards featuring the heroic poses of the invincible Iron Man. 


The tuck box features laser engraving and laser cutting. Each is constructed with 20 components and 70 gluing parts, which takes an hour to complete the full hand assembling process. 

The tuck case is adorned with Gold, Red, and Black hot stamp foil on premium matte finish paper with embossing. Printed by MPC with Linen Air Light M30 card stock. Decks were sold at $60 on

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