Kickstarter: War in Heaven Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: War in Heaven Playing Cards

Less than 38 hours to go on Kickstarter, War in Heaven Playing Cards by Temma&CO is inspired by the Book of Revelations depicting War in Heaven. According to the Kickstarter campaign page,

What we are trying to convey in our story is that there is always more than one perspective in all the things that we go through in life. Two sides of the same coin, the darkness that comes with the light. Just like the war in heaven in the Book of Revelation. We fight our angels and demons every day.


This deck doesn't highlight only one side, rather how we can relate to both sides. We hope this gives an overview of what we want to convey through our artwork and design. There are TWO editions on offer during the campaign,- the Gehenna and Lux Bellator. The Gehenna edition is dedicated to the Demons' side and Lux Bellator is dedicated to the Angels’ side. 

Inside, each card face depicts two combatants of matching rank in the War in Heaven. The idea is to visualize a reenactment of who will the demons and angels fight against during the war.

While the Lux Bellator’s card faces radiate hope and blessings from God, the Gehenna’s conveys demonic chaos. Each character has its own narrative, stories, legends, and origins. Each suit matches a specific angel with a corresponding demon according to their rank in the hierarchy. Also, the number cards will be identical in illustration and printed with metallic ink. 

The Gehenna tuck box features a dark grey colored stock and the artwork will be black and embossed on all sides.  The wording is then hot stamped with copper foil. Meanwhile, the Lux Bellator tuck box is going to sport a cream white stock and the artwork will be hot-stamped copper foil, giving the tuck a feel of purity, reflecting the holy power of the Angels.

The decks will be printed by Legends Playing Card Co. and pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter.

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