Funded in Less Than 24 Hours! Trash & Burn Playing Cards

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Funded in Less Than 24 Hours! Trash & Burn Playing Cards

Trash & Burn Playing Cards is a fully custom deck crafted for daily use by Howlin' Jacks, a playing card company co-created by artist Andy Hamilton and magician Beau Cremer. 

After the success of Ristretto Deck, the guys wanted to create a luxe-feel deck that is so affordable you could practice with them every day! According to the Kickstarter campaign page,
People! Introducing the Trash & Burn deck ('cus practice decks get trashed and burnt)! We've created a reasonably-priced, custom-designed deck, with quality feel and AWESOME artwork! When times are hard, you gotta have an edge. An everyday deck that is anything BUT every day. We've re-designed every element.


The deck features fully custom artwork, from Aces, Jokers, to the court and number cards. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks feature trash-diving animal royalty, fed up with their habitats being human dumping grounds. The design changes don't distract the eye but are different enough to give each court its own flair.

The Aces are big, bright, uncluttered, and echo the Tuck's design. And, of course, the Ace of Spades features Howlin' Jack himself! The number cards are updated with smaller pips for easier reading in your fans and spreads.

Finally, the Jokers are none other than the co-founders, Andy and Beau, a complete with a nod to their first deck, Ristretto. 

Both the minimalist-style back design and tuck box features the Trash & Burn logo. Clean and modern! The deck is printed by Sunwell Packing on Thin-Crushed Stock With Air Cushion Finish! 

Pledge starts at $7 on Kickstarter and there are multiple add-ons available such as the Half Brick (6 decks) Trash & Burn Dumpster Box, toy garbage truck, hats, tees, and more!

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