Paisley (Poker Edition) Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Paisley (Poker Edition) Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Paisley Playing Cards are back, and this time in a vibrant colorway and WITHOUT the marking system. Paisley Poker Edition Playing Cards are perfect for family game nights. The idea for poker playing cards did not end with the cards alone. The team at Dutch Cards House Co. wants to give all tabletop game players a unique set of tabletop counters to play games in Paisley style!

THREE decks are on offer during the Kickstarter campaign, Blue, Red, and Yellow editions. All three decks come with two metallic inks on the faces, back, and tuck.

For the Poker Blue edition, the team chose a dark Imperial Blue as the main color of the deck and tuck. The paisley design has been designed with gold, yellow, orange, and teal shades.  For the Poker Red edition, the dominant color is Velvet Red combined with yellow, gold, blue, and orange shades. The very special Paisley gilded yellow edition comes with an updated color scheme to the courts and Ace of Spades, different than that of the Blue and Red edition.

Inside, the court cards and numbered cards maintain their traditional look to make them recognizable for every card and tabletop game. They all have been updated with some Paisley details with the respective deck's color scheme. This means the court cards of the blue deck are slightly different than the courts in the red edition. This ensures that each deck is unique. 

The tuck has the same recognizable style as all other Paisley editions. The big Paisley logo placed on the front and the Paisley's name suited on the side. This means it has a nice consistency on your shelf when displaying all paisley editions together.

The decks are printed by Cartamundi on their True Linen B9 finish Slim-Line Board. Pledge starts at $28 on Kickstarter. Also available during the campaign is a premium, hand-crafted custom-designed wooden (veneer) box with a black matte finish that will stand out on your game table for sure! 


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