Stockholm17: Black Requiem Playing Cards

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Stockholm17: Black Requiem Playing Cards

Recently Discovered, Misplaced In Stockholm17's Storage. 

For months there were rumors of another Requiem deck. The rumors were true! The Black Requiem Playing Cards exists, originally created as a prototype deck for use by Stockholm17 and reviewers.

Before launching Requiem on Kickstarter, Lorenzo had these decks made by MPC and shipped directly to Sweden for photography and promotional purposes. This shipment was delivered to Lorenzo in January 2014. During the campaign, Lorenzo teased the "experimental" Noctis back on one of the backers update, but somehow this remained forgotten.

With a massive line-up of playing cards being released by Stockholm17 in the recent months, space in Lorenzo's storage is currently at a premium and the decision was made to let these exquisite decks go. 

Of the 10 decks printed, only 1 was ever used - the rest were held in reserve. These are never being reprinted.

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