Analytics: Kickstarter March 2015

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Analytics: Kickstarter March 2015

Due to the increased interest in crowd-funded playing card projects on Kickstarter, we are publishing a monthly tracking report as part of our popular Analytics series. The goal is to give an analytical insight into the month-on-month performance of projects and how these numbers are tracking cumulatively year-to-date.

The number of funded projects in March remained stable at 19, maintaining the momentum from February. The chart below shows how 2015 is tracking against the numbers from 2014 as (new) benchmark.

Playing Card Projects 

The number of unsuccessful projects dropped to 12% this month while the percentage of successful projects remained stable at 28% for March.

This is what March look like in numbers:

Majority of the projects were launched towards the end of the month. Graph below:

Here's a look at how projects performed over the month. Generally, percentages for successful and cancelled projects have remained consistent over the month, while unsuccessful projects fell 9%.


A total of $621k was raised by all projects in February, down $165k from Febraury.

Here is a look at the top 5 most funded playing cards:

Surprise hit Leonardo Playing Cards finished strong at $81.2k and with no surprise, Lorenzo's No.17 was funded at approximately $55k.

The average 2015 funding goal of successful project remained stable at $9.7k, Just below 2014's number of $9.9k. We maintain that the average funding goal to stabilise around the $10k mark.


This month, approximately 14.3 backers were recorded across all projects. The average pledge per backer for successful projects ended at $48.81,  a decrease from February's average.

Line chart below is a month-on-month comparison for 2015 with the 2014 average spent curve used as benchmark.

Top 5 funded Projects by backer numbers below:

Launched Projects 

Here are the top 10 most funded projects launched in March:

Regal by Gambler's Warehouse lead the pack followed closely by Crooked King's Werewolf. The momentum carried into the first quarter this year has no signs of slowing down as successful projects continue to surpass those of last year.

We wish to thank our data provider,  for supporting our Analytics feature over the past year.

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