First Look: Final Teaser for "Omnia"

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First Look: Final Teaser for "Omnia"

Here's the final reveal of the mysterious Omnia Playing Cards. For those who still don't know, the designer of this incredible deck is none other than...

Giovanni Meroni!

Giovanni's Evil deck won the Discourse Deck Design Contest and his Delirium Playing Cards was picked as United Cardists' 2014 deck. We are honoured to have Giovanni here to tell us more about this beautiful deck and how Omnia came to be.

I started designing a “Thirdway Industries standard deck”, in January 2015. The first inspiration was a classic Bicycle deck, re-designed with my modern vector style. I am very crazy and impulsive when I work, so I may start with an idea, and end up with another one. The biggest turning points on this project were when I decided to call the project “Omnia” and use Uroboros, the immortal God-snake who eats its own tail, for the back.

With a such sumptuous theme, I almost redesigned all the deck to adapt it (If you remember my Evil Deck interview, redesign decks from scratches is my favourite sport). I used a lot of gold (metallic inks and foil on the tuck), and made the courts baroque, enigmatic and epic. There are a lot of references to Egyptian, greek and Scandinavian mythology.

There will be 3 versions of Omnia Deck: Omnia Oscura (Black tuck box, gold foil-  unlimited), Omnia Suprema (Red Foil on black tuck box and black cards- Limited to 500) and Omnia Illumina (White tuck box, gold foil- unlimited but stretch goal).

The faces will be different in each versions (I mean, in dramatic way, not just a recolor). Aces and Jokers will be redesigned from scratches in the limited Omnia Suprema.

The Kickstarter is planned for June 2015, after Delirium and Evil Deck is delivered. Omnia will be proudly printed by Expert Playing Card Co. They worked closely with me for Delirium and Evil Deck, and gave me valuable printing and materials advise. They are already working with me to find the right stock, finish and foil for Omnia versions.

It's been a year since the Evil Deck. During this year,  I've gained a lot of experience, bought a lot of inspirational decks and made a lot of friends involved in playing cards world. Omnia is inspired by a lot of great decks, but I want mention the ones who inspired it most: Rick Davidson’s Origins (color scheme) and Lorenzo Gaggiotti’s Heretic (symbology, theme, style). Lorenzo gave me also a lot of hints and I asked his advice on Omnia from the start. I think you need to thank him a little too if you like Omnia as it is :) Hope you like Omnia, and Audentes Fortuna Iuvat.

Thank you Giovanni and Happy Birthday! :D

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