Collections: Sharps Private Reserve by Legends Playing Card Co.

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Collections: Sharps Private Reserve by Legends Playing Card Co.

The Sharps Private Reserve decks were released in limied numbers and as of today, according to Legends, there are approx. 300 of each of the color variations still available. No specifics have been given out as to if or when those remaining decks will be released to the public. The decks were released in 3 color variations, Blue, Red and Green. The deck features a Diamond Cut and also showcase's Legend's new Classic Finish. The Classic finish very closely resembles the feel of a USPCC deck which so many have a fondness for. The Sharps decks also feature a marking system that utilizes a "Shade" pattern. The shade system is more about the hues and colors on the back design rather than a straight out "Pattern". Your eyes will need to kind of train themselves to look for the subtle change in color. The tuck box has a nice classic look to it, clean lines and design and once again features a die-cut on the back side to reveal the Legends logo and Lawrence Sulivans initials.

Face and Court cards are pretty much standard, the deck has only one Joker, the all to familiar Legends Dragon, this time surrounded by a Diamond and a Card Reveal. The back design is a repeating pattern of the Legends logo and as mentioned earlie has a marking system. The thin borders and vivid color make the deck stand out a bit, but the overall design is very grounded in a Classic look and presentation.

This deck handles exceptionally well and for those USPC devotee's I strongly urge your to give these a try. One of the biggest reasons I like Legends and Expert for that matter, is their willingness to experiment with finishes and papers. Handling has always been one of the key comparisons, but that gap is getting smaller every day. If you like to "USE" your cards, keep an eye out for when these become available again.  

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