Collections: Card Masters by Handlordz

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Collections: Card Masters by Handlordz

I think that sometimes the Handlordz decks are a bit underrated, but they are produced in smaller numbers, and while some cater to a specific demographic there is no denying they know what works in that aspect. The Card Masters are a nice design, but the gilded deck is the real draw in my opinion. Not too many gilded decks out there that are affordably priced and handle as well as these do. The tuck has just enough flare to standout with its gold foil accents and the deck itself is completely custom, and in a "Familiar" Handlordz "Theme".

Two decks were produced; they are identical except for the gilded edges on the one. The gilded deck will take some "Breaking In" without a doubt, but after handling them for a while, they dribbled, fanned and cut pretty well. If your one who likes fantasy type genre's you'll enjoy the decks design and artwork, unfortunately these sold out pretty quickly and are now only available in the secondary market.......which will bring the price up a bit I'm sure. Keep a look out for them if you’re looking for a nice handling gilded deck you won't mind opening and enjoying.

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