Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Ace Collectable Cards of the Four Seasons Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Ace Collectable Cards of the Four Seasons Playing Cards

The Four Seasons Playing Cards are a beautifully illustrated deck of cards inspired by the mythology of nature and how the seasons change over the year. Created by Ace Collectable Cards, the deck is a celebration of each season of the year and captures some fascinating mythology and folklore behind them.

Each suit represents a different season: Spades - Winter, Clubs - Autumn, Diamonds - Spring and Hearts - Summer. The enchanting design of the backs are illustrated beautifully, each of the court cards are custom and the standard fifty two cards are used to represent each week of the year, which exemplify the uniqueness of this deck.

We reached out to Ace Collectable Cards and we had a chance to talk to them about the Four Seasons deck, and their decision to fund it through Kickstarter.

For those of us who don’t know, tell us a little about yourself and Ace Collectable Cards.
That's a great first question. Simply put we are a team with a love for beautiful cards. It's our passion that brought us together to create Ace Collectable Cards and this passion that leads us to create the very best cards that we can to share with you all.

Can you describe the Four Seasons Playing Cards and why you’re passionate about it?
We were all really inspired by the mythology of nature and how the seasons change over the year. We really wanted to try and capture the essence of change with these cards and use the fact that there are four suites with fifty two cards to our advantage.

When did you first start thinking about using Kickstarter for the deck? What made you decide to take the plunge?
We've supported a couple of projects on here ourselves, and seen what a difference a strong kickstarter launch can make for a project like ours. Community support can really make a project like this, and when you are really passionate about something I think the community responds to it.

What was your most brilliant breakthrough when designing the deck?
Although we knew we wanted to explore a seasons theme, when we hit upon using fae mythology for the royal cards that was a great breakthrough for us. They have been the faces of the seasons since the beginning of Celtic mythology and it seems fitting for a deck based on the seasons to feature them too.

Walk us through the process you took to design this beautiful deck. How did you get to this finished product? 
The thought process was really simple. First, coming up with the idea, followed by researching deep into it, then making many sketches and after many attempts until I could feel and capture its beauty.. Then I knew the card was ready. Finally,  repeating this process for the rest of The Four Seasons playing cards until I was very happy and proud of them.

With so many playing card projects competing for funding, why should potential backers choose your deck?
Another great question. It's true there are a lot of fantastic projects out there, but we feel that these cards really speak for themselves. From how well the project has done already it's clear the theme speaks to others as much as it does to us. With the truly beautiful and intricate artwork and the high quality production of the cards, by supporting us people know that they will be receiving the very best available. And that's a great reason to back us.

Finally, what are your favourite playing cards? 
That's a tough one! If I had to choose just one, my favourite at the moment would have to be the Archangels deck by Tom Lane. This deck really is a great example of how everyday things like a deck of cards can be turned into 52 genuine works of art.

Thanks guys and all the best! At the time of writing, the project is 73% funded with 10 days to go. If want to support Four Seasons Playing Cards, you can find it on Kickstarter here

Four Seasons will be printed by EPCC and pledge starts from £9 (~USD$13). There are multiple add-ons available such as limited edition Rosewood wooden case, uncut sheet and a poster of any card.

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