Kickstarter: Emerald Tally-Ho's by Kings Wild Project

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Kickstarter: Emerald Tally-Ho's by Kings Wild Project

The Emerald Tally Ho's are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

At first glance the Emerald Tally Ho's by Kings Wild Project may look like a re-color, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Emerald Edition has a completely new and unique back design with a beautiful green and purple color pallet. The Emerald Edition continues the Jackson Robinson Series which began earlier this year with the Scarlett Tally Ho's. Both decks have a visual connection, as well as a family connection and eloquently go together, but at the same time stand alone as individually unique, much like the people who inspired them.

"As an artist, I feel designing cards should always be something more than just putting 56 pieces of paper in a box and call it done. Stories are what inspire me so I try to start every one of my projects with a story to tell. In the case of the Scarlett & Emerald Tally Ho decks, that story is my family. Without getting to sentimental, there is no better inspiration for me than my daughters. They are the reason I do what I do and it is a no brainer for me to create a deck that will give them something to give to their kids one day. That’s why I gave the Legacy Edition the name I did"

- Jackson Robinson

The Emerald Tally-Ho’s are scheduled to launch Saturday, May 2nd at 12:00pm Central on Kickstarter. The project will offer a variety of reward tiers appealing to a wide variety of playing card aficionados. Emerald starts with the  Limited Edition for those who just enjoy Jackson Robinson’s work and rounds off with the LTD Emerald Legacy Edition for those seeking the rare and collectable and if you want to keep that Collectable sealed, the project will once again offer display decks at a very attractive price point.

Emerald Tally-Ho Variations:
 - Limited Edition Emerald Tally Ho – QTY 700
 - Emerald Tally Ho Silver Edition (Silver Gilded Edges) – QTY 200
 - Emerald Legacy Edition – QTY 50
 - Display Decks – 6 deck limit per pledge

If you want to keep up to date on this project as well as other projects and concepts coming from Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild Projects be sure to follow him on Facebook, and if your interested in some of KWP's previous projects be sure to stop by the Official Web Site.

The Emerald Tally Ho's are now LIVE on Kickstarter!
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  1. 6 display decks limit? Scarlett was 4. That's not a typo, is it?


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