5 Things You Should Know About Elemental Master Playing Cards

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5 Things You Should Know About Elemental Master Playing Cards

Produced by TCC Playing Cards and currently funding on Kickstarter, Elemental Master Playing Card is a multi-function deck, crafted for powerful mentalism and magic routines in mind. Here are 5 things you should know about the Elemental Master Playing Cards:

1. Design
The design is based on the rare theme of divination and constellation on the whole market, with elegance and mystery.  To match that, the design element is based on geometrical crystal design. Giving it a mysterious look and feel.

2. Constellation & ESP
Combining ESP and Constellation elements into the back and face design has never been done before. The court cards are different from the traditional court cards and have been redesigned in to match the theme of constellations and ESP. Twelve court cards match the twelve constellations as well as the ESP symbols.

3. Markings
The deck contains lots of magical functions, including the marking system, prediction, 4 themes of psychological force, and more. The nebula pattern superimposes the white lines, reinforcing the magical attributes of the entire deck. The back of the card includes six symbols and twelve constellations that can be used for prediction. The subtle differences in the back of each card allow the user to read the suits and value of the card.

4. Limited Run
The Elemental Master Green is limited to 1000 decks, and only 700 decks are available on Kickstarter, which is perfect for the collection. Elemental Master Red is Limited to 3000 decks, and crafted for everyday use. The difference between the two versions is that the design used on the pips are different.

5. Produced by TWPCC 
Printed in Taiwan using the Latest Ink and German Black Core Paper, neat trimming and excellent handling. The deck is packaged in a side-loading tuck and is made up of beautiful geometrical blocks and a green nebula, with a futuristic circuit board. The side has the name of the deck "Elemental Master", and the overall design creates a sense of mystery. Backer who purchases 2 (or more) decks of cards will receive a complimentary limited sticker.

Available NOW on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $12 for the Red Edition deck.

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