'Equality and Justice' Relaunched on Kickstarter with New Printer

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'Equality and Justice' Relaunched on Kickstarter with New Printer

Equality and Justice playing cards have been relaunched on Kickstarter with a reduced funding goal than previously due to a change of printer to Wang Jing Printing Co. (WJPC).  Designed by Korean designer John Cho and the team at Passione Playing Cards headed by Riccardo Conturbia, the decks are based on the concepts of Equality and Justice, crafted for players, magicians and cardists in mind.

Similar to the first campaign, two decks are on offer during the campaign- Equality, and Justice. The team wanted to emphasize both aspects, that's the reason why the "Lady of Justice" in Equality and Justice holds higher, respectively, the scale and the sword. According to John on the project page,
In Korea, on the Supreme Court's palace, three words are engraved on the wall: Liberty Equality and Justice. I wanted to create a playing cards project revolving around those concepts. My idea is that you can't have real freedom without Equality and Justice.

The decks have been designed to be fresh yet classic, stylish at the same time, usable in every occasion. The deck is fully custom with beautiful clean Passione standard courts, eye-catching pips, bold Ace of Spades and custom Jokers represented by the Lady of Justice.

The card backs are meticulously crafted- striking a good balance between beautiful design and functionality. The intricate back design prominently showcases the Lady of Justice/Equality and the ambigram of the two words in the center. The Equality edition is marked.

The project is already funded with less than 18 days to go. If you want to support Equality and Justice Playing Cards, head over to Kickstarter here! Pledge starts at $13.


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