Deck View: Dystopia Playing Cards

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Deck View: Dystopia Playing Cards

Stunning. Tribute. Dystopian.

Dystopia Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief is a disturbed tribute to cult movie Mad Max, Muscle Car Culture, the Australian Film Industry, and the Outback.
This blood and fuel injected deck features 100% custom illustrations by Pedro Oyarbide - a symbolic back design, a striking ace of spades, tyrannical court cards, insane jokers, and of course, a stunning tuck box from professional letterpress studio Clove St. Press, capped with a custom shaped seal. Dystopia Playing Cards was one of our top 12 of decks 2017.

Available now from For other cool decks, check out JP Games.

Deck View: Dystopia Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 5/05/2019 Rating: 5

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