Vanda's Cardistry Club Volume 1 Now on Kickstarter

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Vanda's Cardistry Club Volume 1 Now on Kickstarter

From the mind of Vanda's David Goldklang comes Cardistry Club. The goal is to provide members of the cardistry community a broader range of tools to choose from when creating their kinetic artwork. Also, David would like to give cardists the opportunity to impact what the future of cardistry will look like by participating in and contributing towards the design of new decks.

In January 2020, Cardistry Club will launch as a monthly subscription service and will ship out 1 new deck design every month. These will be new designs exploring many different visual styles and not just recolors of previous releases.

To kick things off this year, Volume 1 of the Cardistry Club series has just launched on Kickstarter with 12 cool deck designs to keep card flourishes fresh and captivating. The initial 12 decks are available individually ($8) or as a set ($65) which will ship out later this year. All Cardistry Club decks will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

Here are the 12 decks from Volume 1:

With hypnotizing optics, CIRCLES will capture your gaze and leave spectators mesmerized. Back design is black & white and faces are uniform with Cardistry Club Green background and corner/edge ornaments that look great in fans and spreads.

SQUARES continues the mesmerizing style with an optical illusion that vibrates when stared at. The index-less faces have bold colors, sleek pips, and iconic court cards.

BILLS features a back design that pays homage to traditional casino borderless backs but in our own unique style. The faces are a twist on a standard deck, with supersized ornamental indexes and highly styled pips. They also features typographic elements showing the textual version of each card's value.

DOTS has a similar approach to BILLS with a back design pattern that feels quite traditional. The faces, however, are anything but standard, featuring bold typography, unique graphical pip layouts and no indexes. These faces will quickly catch anyone's eye.

Pump up the elegance with TUXEDO—the name is self-explanatory and this back design looks awesome in fans and spreads. The faces feature a standard 52-card deck in a very bold graphic layout.

URCHIN may make you dizzy. With a rotating swirly back design, these cards look amazing when spun and fans are also quite striking. The faces feature a literal twist on the standard deck layout with circular pip arrangements and simple graphics court cards.

SPECTRUM is about as colorful as playing cards can get, featuring a rainbow transition on both backs and faces. This deck may inspire some crazy beautiful new cardistry manipulations.

PUZZLE features a high-contrast jigsaw design on both backs and faces. The faces represent all card values of a standard deck but you may be a little puzzled by them at first glance, with values almost hidden between the pieces.

CAMBIO features a slanted pink/purple gradient design that looks stunning in motion. You may mesmerize yourself with this deck just watching it slide back and forth. The faces feature a unique coloring and cropping of standard courts plus a gradient edge design for colorful spreads.

REN is the ultimate minimalist deck with very simple yet classy back design and index-less faces and sexy voluptuous pip symbols. This is a deck of playing cards boiled down to its most alluring essence.

CUBE has a bit of a retro vibe with a back design that may invoke old-school video game memories. The faces feature a very unique approach to layout with a color palette of bold but muted tones.

POLARIS is a resurrection of one of the most popular decks designed in the Vanda Playing Card collection, except with no faces. Each card features the original Polaris Lunar design on one side and Polaris Solar design on the other.

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