Kickstarter: EPHEMERID (Precious Metal Edition) Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: EPHEMERID (Precious Metal Edition) Playing Cards

EPHEMERID is a unique deck of playing cards currently seeking funds on Kickstarter by French designer and blogger Fabien Barral (Instagram: @iammrcup). The deck is based on Mr. Cup's collection of Ephemera over the years. After the success of the first edition, Mr. Cup came up with the idea of the precious metal edition, Mr. Cup told Kardify,
When we print the first letterpress tuck case, we did some tests with Studio Pression: different papers and different hot foil. It gave me the idea of this new edition with 3 paper and 3 hot foil combinations.

As such, the letterpress tuck case will be shielded with gold, silver or copper hot foil for the respective editions. The Gold Edition tuck comes in Burgundy colorway with white and gold foil; the Copper Edition in Gold and copper foil on white paper and the limited edition silver deck in white and silver foil on blue paper stock.

Inside the deck features 52 cards and 2 jokers- all fully custom and totally unique! Each suit have their own contrasting colors on the cards featuring striking metallic ink on the face and card backs: gold, copper, and silver on their respective editions.
Also, the face cards can be easily identified with indices located on all four corners. A word of wisdom will be included on each card to inspire you every day of the year. Fabien continued,
I also want to have the cards different, each deck coming with extra gold, silver or copper ink. Pushing the project further, why not doing coins and dices!

The deck will be printed by Noir Arts NPCC and available on Kickstarter now for €14. Add-ons such as coins and dice are available. The campaign is already 281% funded with less than 10 days to go. Don't miss out!

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