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Detailed Look at Scarlett Bicycles by Kings Wild

Kings Wild has just released the beautiful Scarlett Bicycles to the public. The luxurious playing cards are dedicated to designer Jackson Robinson's second daughter, Scarlett. The Scarlett Bicycles are available in 3 variations- the Standard Edition, the Limited Edition, and Gilded Edition. The Limited Edition is especially eye-catching with a strong red-colorway tuck box adorned with stunning Gold Foil accents. Inside, the cards feature custom Kings Wild standard courts and a beautiful back design presented in a bold, intricate style. The eye-catching Ace of Spades as well as the Jokers design are an homage to the original key card design.


The decks are printed by The United States Playing Card Company on crushed Casino Bee Stock and traditionally cut. They have an air-cushioned finished for exceptional handling and play. The tuck case is beautifully letter-pressed by Clove St. Press. Available on from $15.

Detailed Look at Scarlett Bicycles by Kings Wild Reviewed by Ivan on 9/03/2020 Rating: 5

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