Legacy Of Legerdemain Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Legacy Of Legerdemain Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Legacy Of Legerdemain playing cards is the inaugural deck from graphic designer Mike Davis (Instagram: @mike2600) currently funding on Kickstarter. The deck is inspired by the history of card magic. The name of the deck itself pays tribute to the history of card magic, the word Legerdemain meaning "light of hand" and used throughout magic history to refer to skill in sleight of hand. According to the campaign page,
After months of research, sketching, designing, learning more card tricks, redesigning, reading more card magic books, and re-redesigning. Mike’s very first deck of playing cards is ready for production!

The card design is largely inspired by the flashy geometry of handmade hip hop party flyers of the late 1970s and early 1980s, which themselves draw inspiration from art deco patterns and design. The card backs feature metallic dark silver ink making the design pop!

The pips throughout the number cards are arranged in a cleaner, more symmetric (closer-to-two-way pattern) while the distinctive court cards are filled with references to classic magic books, sleights, and routines. The ace of spades features the all-seeing eye embedded in a big spade. The linework of the deck is bold but not busy, resulting in clear and evocative artwork.

The tuck cases will be printed by letterpress print studio Studio On Fire, using dark metallic silver ink on beautiful Snow White Linen paper. The whole package will be sealed up with a bright orange custom seal.

Legacy Of Legerdemain cards will be printed using USPCC’s Thin Crushed stock for a top of the line feel - smooth, thin, and flexible… perfect for magicians and cardists as well as casual card players and family game nights.

Pledge starts at $11 on Kickstarter.

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