Kickstarter: Art of Steampunk Vol. 2 Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Art of Steampunk Vol. 2 Playing Cards

The Art of Steampunk Playing Cards Vol. 2 is the follow-up to the Aristo Steampunk Playing Cards funded back in 2018. The decks are a unique fantasy version of nineteenth-century Victorian England imbued with today's technology, resulting in devices and contraptions that seem to have sprung from the mind of a mad twenty-first-century scientist. 

Fully custom, the deck features iconic imagery and lots of metal detailing, luxury colors for 54 playing cards of steampunk art. The courts follow the characters in Steampunk outfit with heavy weaponry, bowler hat, goggle, and military-inspired garments with garments from the Victorian era: corsets, bustles, petticoats, and gowns – all with a modern twist!

Also lots of post-apocalyptic elements like gas masks and ragged clothing. There is also military-inspired clothing, suits with waistcoats, top hats, and the like. 

The pips combine elements of techno-fantasy imagery in mechanical steampunk style. In the VOL.2 the team decided to make classic number cards, with smooth and elegant design for those who use standard decks as a regular go-to, but still a pleasure to play and perform with. 

The ACES are decorated in a clockwork mechanism style with spiral springs and a set of gears details. Objects ran from jewelry made of gemstones, watches, and keyholes. The card design is stunning, it gives the illusion that they actually have metal and stone parts on them. The Aces are highlighted with gold and deep colors. 

The JOKER card is a presentation of the distinctive "look" of a Plague Doctor. The plague doctor costume looks like a cross between a steampunk crow and the Grim Reaper and has come to represent both the terrors of the Black Death and the foreignness of medieval medicine. The plague doctor is arguably one of the most enigmatic figures to have emerged from the Middle Ages. 

The exquisite card backs are inspired by old-world luxury, the line art pays homage to a vintage sophisticated aesthetic. The design elements include clock parts, with lots of gears and mechanical moving parts: Clockwork movements. The details displayed exemplify the range and beauty encompassed by the Steampunk movement. 

The deck will be printed by United States Playing Card Company, AIR CUSHION Finish with the CLASSIC PAPER STOCK. These cards are made with sustainable forest papers, starch-based laminating, and vegetable-based inks. Available now on Kickstarter for $11.

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