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On Kickstarter, ONDA by Jocu Playing Cards

ONDA, the fourth project by Jocu Playing Cards, is a colorful, visual exploration of this world and its both real and imagined creatures. To celebrate man's fascination with the ocean Jocu has created ONDA, a deck of cards depicting fantastical marine mythology.

Fully custom, ONDA features twelve colorful characters that incorporate the necessary characteristics to live and survive the azure depths, where life assumes surprising forms and colors, and humans are permitted to see only a small part.

Each King, Queen, and Jack represents a virtue necessary to truly experience the depths of the sea: wisdom, tolerance, adaptability, and much more. These characteristics, that alone can achieve little, become powerful when combined together, creating the essential balance with which to survive. Every figure contains three elements: a shell, a fish or sea plant, a sponge, or a coral.

ONDA comes in two variants- Ultramarine Edition and Wave Edition. The faces remain the same, but the back design and tuck boxes are different.
ONDA Ultramarine Edition tuck comes with multiple layers of foil detailing in red, pearlescent white, and internal foiling.
ONDA Wave Edition Tuck Box showcases a metallic foil wrap-around wave image with multiple layers of foil in different shades of turquoise and blue, both metallic and standard. Internal foiling is included as well.

ONDA will be printed by Cartamundi and available now on Kickstarter for $15. Add-ons such as companion booklet, uncut tuck, and uncut sheets are available during the campaign.


On Kickstarter, ONDA by Jocu Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 9/14/2020 Rating: 5

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