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New Playing Arts Artistic Deck Inspired by The Future

New art deck from Digital Abstracts. The Playing Arts: Artistic Playing Cards Inspired by the Future, features illustrations by different international artists on their vision of what the world will look like 100 years from now.

Heading into 1900, French artists were asked to create images of what the world would look like in the year 2000 for a series of commemorative postcards. Many thought we’d have personal flying devices, many thought manual work would be automated, and, one thought we’d be living underwater riding giant domesticated seahorses. 100 years later...

Digital Abstracts challenged today's leading artists, designers and studios from all over the world to use playing card as a canvas to illustrate their vision of what the world will look like in the year 2120. According to the campaign page,
Today, when we are living in an era of high, perhaps unprecedented, uncertainty (technology is evolving faster than ever, current pandemic proves that we can’t predict what is going to happen even tomorrow), we were curios: how contemporary artists see the world 100 years from now?

Each artist was assigned an individual playing card as blank canvas and one month later 299 artworks and ideas were received: evacuation to another planet, aliens, robots (many robots), pandemic, environment, and economical crisis, time travel, fresh air as a luxury, artificial intelligence, alternative planets, huge battles for race and gender equality, climate change, face masks as a high-tech fashion accessory, epidemics, snakes and humans fighting together for a better world.
The level of submitted art is mind-blowing. It was a very difficult task, but we've carefully selected 54 cards that will form the new FUTURE Edition deck!

The face cards are truly unique and feature the artist take on the future from technology, space travel, to civilization, and the human race. The card backs is similar to the Special Edition. If you are lucky owner of this deck (currently sold out), you will be able to use cards from both sets to make one unique deck only with your favorites.

Also, as a bonus, the artwork on the face cards will be animated in Augmented Reality. Animations will be experienced both on the website and through AR mobile app. They will be printed by US Playing Card Company on legendary Bicycle paper with air-cushion finish for the smoothest feel.

Pledge starts at $18 on Kickstarter.

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