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The Pirate Deck by BrainVessel Now Funding on Kickstarter

In 2015, Brain Vessel Creative launched the Seven Seas Master Collection on Kickstarter. The campaign features two Master Edition decks, a Pirate Deck, and a Sea Creature deck. According to the campaign page,
We have nearly sold out of those editions, including our popular Pirate Deck. So, instead of reprinting the Pirate deck, we decided to reimagine each card in full color, expanded the number of illustrations and included a new BrainVessel Branded Tuck Box.

The fully custom deck is illustrated by Jason Kreiger and co-produced with Douglas Koozer. The mirrored card back prominently features the pirate skull and the pirate cutglass can be found in place of the crossbones. The decorative floral design element on the side gives the deck a sense of adventure.

For the face cards, the numbered cards feature illustrations of all different ships of the Pirate Era, from the lowly dingy to the Massive Man-o-War.

The court cards are lush illustrations of Pirates from all walks of life and the Jokers feature a diptych illustration of Charles Vane and Benjamin Hornigold.

Two additional gaff cards are included featuring an alternate skeletal version of the Ace of Hearts (Blackbeard) and a 13 of Spades depicting the Flying Dutchman!

Also on the Kickstarter, Brain Vessel Creative is releasing the reprint of the Colorized Sea Creature Deck with a new BrainVessel tuck to match the Pirate tuck.

The decks will be printed by the USPCC with classic Air-Cushion finish. Pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter.

The Pirate Deck by BrainVessel Now Funding on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 9/08/2020 Rating: 5

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