Passione Playing Cards to Close. Releases One Last Deck!

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Passione Playing Cards to Close. Releases One Last Deck!

We just heard the news: After 6 years, Italy-based Passione Playing Cards Ltd. will close at the end of this year after finishing pending projects. According to founder Riccardo Conturbia,
There are many reasons behind my decision, nothing grave, do not worry, I'm in good health and everything is fine, but among the reasons, probably the most important is that Passione never really caught on, but the appreciation was limited to a niche within playing cards lovers.

Of course I want to reassure everyone: Florentia will be completed and fulfilled, only after that I will close the company.
Since this is the last year for Passione, Riccardo would like to do something special, a special little project to bid farewell to the community, Inferno Acheronte 2020 (pictured above)! 

The deck will not be crowdfunded but will be offered to Passione's mailing list. The new edition of the original Acheronte double-box tuck case (now out of stock) and will be delivered before the end of this year. Riccardo continued,
The original edition was our first in a series of double-box tuck cases we specifically designed to be opened like a book. Collodi's Pinocchio, Vivaldi Concerto and Florentia Aeterna are all evolutions of Acheronte and we believe that old and new supporters could like this "remastered" edition.
Inferno Acheronte 2020 includes the cards from Inferno Dite and Inferno Cocito in the most luxurious double-deck tuck case you can think of: printed in Italy by Archivio Tipogrfico on leather-like paper and adorned with red and black foil. 

How can you get this awesome double-deck? 
It's simple: Email Riccardo on with the email address on the form. You will receive a PayPal invoice for the decks and the shipping. Inferno Acheronte 2020 will have an MSRP of $50, but you can buy them at $40 each plus shipping with this pre-sale. 

Click Here! for the form to reserve your Inferno Acheronte 2020 double decks!

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