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Arthurian (Holy Grail Edition) Playing Cards by Kings Wild

From Kings Wild Project, the Arthurian Holy Grail Edition is a gorgeous deck of playing cards inspired by the legend of King Arthur. This gorgeous deck is the follow-up to Kings Wild Arthurian Playing Cards funded on Kickstarter in 2016.

The deck is fully hand-illustrated and celebrates the legend and many characters that have surrounded King Arthur's court for hundreds of years. This medieval playing card deck is illustrated in the style of The Book of Kells that is believed to have originated in the same geographical area around the same time as the legend of King Arthur.

Every card features new and vibrant artwork that stays true to the era and legend of King Arthur. With texture-layered, multi-colored foiling on each card, Jackson has embodied the legends-and-tales theme in one beautifully crafted luxury playing card deck. Rich characters and a wide range of lore in the legend provides an ideal foundation for a deck of playing cards. 

The deck is packaged in a striking red tuck box and features the Excalibur in stunning gold foil! King Arthur's sword goes into full display mode when you pull the sword from the stone. Wow!

Available NOW from for $15.

Arthurian (Holy Grail Edition) Playing Cards by Kings Wild Reviewed by Ivan on 10/05/2020 Rating: 5

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