Kickstarter: Perceptions Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Perceptions Playing Cards

Perceptions Playing Cards is a custom deck of playing cards featuring impossible geometry, inspired by the works of M.C. Escher. Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, this eye-catching deck designed by Alex Jiang. According to Alex,
Drawing inspiration from M.C. Escher's artistic renderings of the impossible, I created a deck of playing cards based on paradoxical shapes. Now, you can play with Perceptions Playing Cards, filled with elegant illusions and surprising contradictions.

The deck sports an abstract, modern design with golden hues and contemporary style, giving it a clean minimalistic look. Just like the artwork of M.C. Escher, the cards have an abundance of elements that confuse and intrigue the human mind.

The card back showcases a structure made of intersecting golden beams that fool the eye at every turn. The complex geometry of the formation encapsulates the Escherian style of the deck. The courts are fully custom and made of shapes that curve, turn, and intersect in impossible ways. Each court card has its own distinct look, from the curvature of the clubs to the diagonals of the diamonds.

The aces contain formations of impossible triangles, circles, and rectangles that resemble enlarged versions of their suit symbols. Like with the face cards, the aces are detailed with smaller shapes that give them a more intricate appearance. Finally, the jokers are based on one of the most well known impossible objects featuring the continuous staircase that seems to never end when walking in either direction, from opposite perspectives.

The deck is enclosed in an elegant geometrical designed tuck box in deep brown colorway adorned with gold. The design on the tuck perfectly captures the theme of the deck with a multitude of impossible objects, from the tribar displayed on front to the quadrilaterals shown on its side panels.

The cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company, on premium paper stock with an air cushion finish. Available now on Kickstarter for $ 12.


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