Deck View: NPCCD 2019 Playing Cards

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Deck View: NPCCD 2019 Playing Cards

Culture. Beauty. Architecture.

In anticipation of the National Playing Card Collection Day (NPCCD) this month, we've decided to feature the NPCCD 2019 deck this week. The beautiiful deck is inspired by the beauty of Morocco, commonly known for its mesmerizing architecture and its labyrinth-esque marketplaces. Designer Alex Chin meticulously encapsulated the culture and architecture design into the deck.

The tuck box exterior is where the journey begins. The 2-piece box is printed on premium linen and pearlescent stocks featuring golden and silver intaglio engravings inside and out. The tuck also showcases an intricate geometry mimicking the detailed plasterwork and textiles of Morocco.

Inside, the face cards feature 4 indices to allow reading right to left connected by the archways Morocco is known for. Interestingly, the court cards are not represented, and instead, a custom plasterwork pattern featuring all the pips was created embedded in the background. Ace of Clubs is the featured ace of NPCCD. The Jokers are lights on and light off. The lights on feature the keyhole silhouette turning into a lantern exposing a genie inside.



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