Deck View: Invasion (Space Edition) Playing Cards

Top Ad unit 728 × 90



Deck View: Invasion (Space Edition) Playing Cards

Space. Aliens. War.

Designed by Rattle Shuttle, Invasion (Space Edition) Playing Cards is a sci-fi themed deck successfully funded on Kickstarter in late-2018. The deck is the first in the Invasion series with a cool back story about alien races fighting for power in the milky way  The design of the deck was inspired by War of The Worlds by Herbert George Wells that the designer, Dmitry Lebedev read as a child growing up in snowy Russia. 

Fully custom ,the deck features four different alien races, each representing a different suit and court cards showcase the alien leaders while the aces are the spaceships. Both faces and backs contain metallic silver ink. The tuck box contains silver foil on it. The tuck box for this deck contains a lot of easter eggs and references that people would appreciate, for some of them you would have to unfold the tuck box since they are hidden in folded parts of the box interior. 

Available NOW from for $28. Limited quantities remaining.


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