Leaves (Autumn Edition) Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

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Leaves (Autumn Edition) Playing Cards Dutch Card House Company

Earlier this year, the Dutch Card House Company (DCHC) launched the first edition of the Leaves Playing Cards on Kickstarter. With the help of 370 backers, the team managed to support the Adopt Rainforest Foundation and adopt 650m² of rainforest in Costa Rica with the successful funding of the Green leaves Spring Edition.

The Leaves Autumn Edition is seeking funds on Kickstarter, and the DCHC team is once again raising even more awareness about responsible playing card printing and expand the adopted rainforest. In terms of design, the traditional-looking layout of the card backs is reminiscent of autumn, complete with its falling leaves and cozy feel. 

The court cards maintain their traditional designs but with an updated color scheme to make it fit in better with the overall autumn theme of the deck. Together, this perfect for card games, magic routines, and cardistry!

Two identical jokers have been included on the deck. One of them features a special 3 of hearts card reveal!

The striking tuck box compliments the cards it holds inside. The leaves ornament runs from the front to the back of the box and can create a display with 3 boxes. Also, there will be NO plastic cello wrap in order to prevent the use of single-use plastics. So instead, DCHC will close the tuck of the Standard Edition with a custom-designed seal and a custom numbered seal for the Collector's Edition.

Available now on Kickstarter for $13 and printed by the United States Playing Card Company using vegetable-based inks, each card is printed on sustainable forest paper and finished with starch-based laminating.


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