Card Flash: VIZAĜO Playing Cards

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Card Flash: VIZAĜO Playing Cards

Currently being fulfilled by Gamblers Warehouse, VIZAĜO by Australian artist Annette Abolins is a fully custom illustrated deck of playing cards exploring faces in a truly unique and colorful way.

Both the Lumina (red) and Lumino (blue) versions are gorgeous! The decks feature custom card backs, distinct suits, and vibrant courts in bold lines- each with its own distinct color palette. Also, each Aces are dressed in colors matching to its court, consistent with the overall theme of face cards. With the exception of the card backs and tuck boxes, both versions have identical card faces.

If you have backed this project, you will be pleasantly surprised! These turned out better than the renders from the Kickstarter project. I love how the distinct colors and the bold artwork flow across the cards depicting vibrantly segmented faces seamlessly. This deck will definitely stand out in your collection. A conversation starter for sure!

Card Flash: VIZAĜO Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 12/26/2017 Rating: 5

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