Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Playing Cards for Card Enthusiasts, Magicians and Cardists

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Playing Cards for Card Enthusiasts, Magicians and Cardists

Looking for the perfect and reasonable prices holiday gift idea for the card enthusiasts, magician or cardists in your life? We are here to help! Find their interest and we will recommend a deck of playing cards. Check out the list below:

For The Adventurer: Drifters

The deck from Dan and Dave features fully custom courts, jokers, beautifully illustrated aces, and gorgeous back with incredible line work. Every shuffle and cut of the cards is a reminder to never settle, to chase a life of freedom. The cards are housed in an eye-catching custom letter-pressed tuck case featuring intricate detail and incredible line work. Available now from for $12.

For the Cardist: The Virts Fall/Winter 17 Edition

This is probably the most anticipated cardistry deck of the year. For the first time, theVirts are releasing a Fall/Winter Edition of the popular deck, away from the usual Summer/Spring Editions. Taking Adaptive Aesthetics to the next level, the deck features a brand new multi-faceted design forming a fluid yet rhythmic patterns in spreads and displays... and paints the air with incredibly expressive movements across countless other moves from cuts to cascades. Available soon on

For the Magician: Butterfly

This groundbreaking deck features two unique marking system hidden in its beautiful back design that can be used separately, and they will make you a miracle worker if they are combined. This gorgeous deck comes with standard faces as it is intended mainly for magicians who prefer standard faces as they are familiar and easily recognizable by the audience. The cards are printed in Belgium by Cartamundi. Also, the explanation of the marking system is included, as well as a link to online video instructions. Available from for $29.

For the Historian: Origins Shadow of History

The gorgeous Origins Shadows of History deck by Rick Davidson is inspired by the elegance and charm of playing card history. The beautifully crafted deck features an ornate premium quality tuck case, embossed and hot stamped with stunning metallic foil. The face cards are entirely custom with vibrant courts, diptych jokers and a bold Ace of Spades, printed with ornate metallic ink backs. Available from for $16.25.

For the Nature Lover: Papilio Ulysses

Inspired by the beauty of the butterfly, designer Kiran Kuruvithadam has created the Papilio Playing Cards to bring the beauty and elegance of the butterfly to your fingertips. The deck features gorgeous illustrated courts with gold and green metallic inks, semi-custom pips, a beautifully crafted Ace of Spades, eye-catching card backs with thin borders and a simple but elegantly designed tuck. Available right now from Murphy’s Magic for $9.95.

For Her: Pearl

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Pearl Playing Cards is a set of custom decks designed by Hanson Chien Production Co. The gorgeous decks are designed from the ground up and feature a unique and very colorful hand painted back design and custom court cards that complement the overall design of the decks. Both Sunrise and Sunset editions are fully customized from the Ace of Spades, Jokers to the Courts with color palettes to match the deck. For the deluxe set, both decks are contained in an attractive collector box and comes with an individually numbered and signed certificate.

For the Collector: Verum Videre White Edition

Verum Videre issues in a new chapter for Kings Wild Project and the first deck of playing cards that Jackson Robinson have letterpressed tuck case, in-house, and hand assembled. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on Bee Casino Stock with embossed Finish and features 5 Metallic Inks. Available from for $24.

For the Designer: Gemini

Two years in the making, Gemini is a fascinating deck by Lorenzo Gaggiotti of Stockholm17 meticulously crafted to give it a classic medieval feel. The deck features aces that are depicted as axes and the royals of the court cards interact with their own pip, becoming part of the illustration. The striking tuck box design is a collaboration between Lorenzo and Calligraffiti ambassador Karl O'brien from UK. This beautiful calligraphic text has been handcrafted by Karl and it looks like an ancient manuscript. Available on

For the Bachelor: EVA

EVA Playing Cards is a fully custom deck dedicated to the First Women, with all female courts. Designed with a sharp, modern style and symbology can be found throughout the deck. The NSFW EVA Playing Cards is printed by the United States Playing Card Co. Available for $50 from Thirdway Industries.

For the Sci-Fi Fan: Dystopia

Dystopia Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief is a disturbed tribute to cult movie Mad Max. This blood and fuel injected deck features 100% custom illustrations by Pedro Oyarbide - a symbolic back design, a striking ace of spades, tyrannical court cards, insane jokers, and of course, a stunning letterpressed tuck box and capped with a custom shaped seal. Available from for $16.

For the Poker Player: LUXX Redux Red

LUXX Redux Red Edition is based on the original LUXX playing cards designed by Randy Butterfield. The Redux Red is a rework of the original and features a stunning tuck, all new design, and an improved back design. An affordable and luxurious deck for the game night. Available from JP Games for £10.99.

For Secret Santa: Rockets

Rockets Playing Cards from Ellusionist are born from a world of pure imagination. This tasty looking deck is styled from a popular frozen treat of time past, giving a sense of nostalgia. The deck is semi-custom featuring a simple, imperfect border back design, a fun looking custom Ace of Spades and Joker, and standard pips and courts with a brighter and more radiant color consistent with the overall theme of the deck. Available now from Ellusionist for $8.95!

For the Minimalist: NOC Out Black Edition

Alex Pandrea to create a borderless NOC deck and NOC Outs Black Edition is the result. This deck features everything you know and love about the NOC Out White edition, but inverted to display a classy and elegant black deck of cards. The design is simple but effectively implemented. Printed by the USPCC and available now from House of Playing Cards for $7!

For the TV Enthusiast: Saturday Night Live Playing Cards

The Saturday Night Live Playing Cards are a fitting tribute to the popular show that has entertained audiences of all ages since 1975. Fully custom, every aspect of the design was inspired by Saturday Night Live, with iconic illustration elements featuring the SNL stage backdrop, and Studio 8H. From Weekend Update to Stefon and The Ladies Man, these cards are a fitting tribute to countless hilarious segments. Available now from for $9.95.

For that Card Collector Who Has Everthing: Carat Card Cases

You can't go wrong with these stylish display cases. Carat cases comes with a variety of sizes and will keep your decks completely visible, dust-free, and away from curious hands. While the case keeps your decks securely enclosed, it will open and close with the utmost ease. Choose from a single deck to 3 decks and even 6 deck displays! Every collector loves to show off their prized collection. What better way to do it than these affordable and luxurious displays. More info on
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