News: Toomas Pintson Releases Superfly Playing Cards

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News: Toomas Pintson Releases Superfly Playing Cards

This deck came out of nowhere! Superfly Playing Cards is the seventh release of the year for Estonian playing card designer Toomas Pintson under his Gemini Decks brand. This deck may not be to everyone's liking, Toomas tells Kardify,
I try to put out as many different decks as possible and push the deck designs in different direction compared to what other companies do.

Inspired by the popular streetwear culture, Superfly features a red-white colorway with custom mirrored back design, Ace of Spades, Jokers and semi-custom court cards. The back design element can be found on the pip of the face cards, including the court cards. According to Toomas,
Superfly is definitely inspired by Supreme and all these other streetwear brands like Off-White, BAPE etc. I mixed different patterns together and used bold fat lettering to get the look. It's supposed to look a bit random but the design looks and feels good in the hand when doing the packed cutting.

Printed by The United States Playing Card Company on high quality crushed Bee stock, the deck is not only durable but handles amazing! Available NOW from

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