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News: Ellusionist Releases Madison Kittens Playing Cards Today!

Just in time for Christmas, Ellusionist will be releasing the much talked about "Madison Kittens" Playing Cards today (6th December 12EST)! Love it or hate it, this unassuming deck was designed for the magician in mind and it is everything a standard magic deck should not be.. at first glance anyway.

Here's the concept. You rock up to a gig or party and you say you forgot your deck, but you stopped off at your grandma's house and picked up this old deck (laughs from everyone about how shit it is)... then it's fully marked and includes 4 gaffs so the magic you can do with it is stunning. It is unassuming, yet so powerful!

The deck comes in a violet/pink colorway that is a reminiscence of a 70s souvenier deck. The tuck features a knitted design artwork with the word kittens on the front and the iconic Madison emblem embroidery on the back. Inside the cards feature kittens on the Ace of Spades and two-way backs.

The face cards are pretty much standard and intentionally designed to have a washed out look. Like previous Madison decks, the courts feature Daniel Madison's friends and family. As mentioned earlier, the deck is fully marked and comes with 4 gaffs for your magic.

Madison Kittens retails for $7.95 and will be available for purchase on
News: Ellusionist Releases Madison Kittens Playing Cards Today! Reviewed by Ivan on 12/06/2017 Rating: 5

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