Kickstarter: ORIS Playing Cards Relaunched!

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Kickstarter: ORIS Playing Cards Relaunched!

The team at Parama Playing Cards is back on Kickstarter with ORIS Playing Cards after an unsuccessful attempt the first time last year. With the campaign ending on January 22nd, they are already cruising along nicely toward their goal of €10,200 (~USD12k).

For the relaunch, several tweaks were made. According to Paolo Tisato of Parama Playing Cards,
On the previous project we realized that many liked the Black Edition" deck. So we focused on that color for the relaunch. The colors of the card backs have been updated to enhance the geometry when the cards are fanned. In the last months we have many discussions regarding the white borders of the card back. Is it better with or without? Considering the multiple uses of deck of cards the ideal solution was to let the Backers choose which variant suits them best. Hence, we are offering two back variations, with and without the white border on the Kickstarter campaign.

The tuck cases have also been updated. Paolo continued,
The tucks have undergone a significant color variation. We decided to divide the color of the tucks to make it look like two boxes joined together. The tucks will be fully embossed and foiled.

Finally, the court cards have been updated to match the color palette of the deck and the design are identical to the royals of their previous project, Aphelion. Printed by Legends Playing Card Co on their Classic Finish and features metallic gold ink on the face cards.

ORIS will be available for €9 (~USD$11) and add-ons such as uncut sheets, t-shirts, and wooden box are also available. Check it out on Kickstarter here!

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