Card Gear: Magic Encarta

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Card Gear: Magic Encarta

Card Gear is our monthly feature dedicated to discovering new inventory, setup, and accessories used every day by card designers, cardists, magicians and collectors. The concept originated from the popular social media site, Instagram: #passthepockets. Whenever one of these hashtags come up on the social news feed, there's always something new to discover, no matter who that person is.

This month, we have the EDC of Vivek Singhi from Mumbai, India. Vivek is a magician and got into magic in 2009. For the past 2 years, he's been working to bring his passion to the magic & cardistry community and founded Magic Encarta (Instagram: @magicencarta), an account where he showcases all the products and effects that he worked on over the years with the key focus being accessories like Cardistry Trainers and Card Cases.

When not working on anything card-related, he enjoys playing the guitar, creating music and enjoys traveling and exploring new places to keep his creativity flowing. Vivek's gear (Italics are Vivek's comments):

+ EATCT Journal, EATCT Pen, Pencil and Sharpie (You never know when you get an idea for a new effect or a design, which is how I designed my first deck called Cairo Casino you see in the picture plus it helps me keep me on track with my plans and future projects. Sharpie is for when I am performing and need something to be signed)
+ 3 Pen Case by Constellations88 ( I carry my writing tools safe in this awesome case by an awesome guy)
+ iPhone 7 (Most of my pics, video edits are done with it and you cannot forget emails)
+ Deck of cards (I have always one in my pocket. Cairo Casino Prototypes, Moranges Prototype and Absolut Deck are the 3 decks I currently carry)
+ Money Clip (I am more of a money clip guy than a wallet guy) Earphones (Magic & Music are my world)
+ Cardistry Trainers (Perfect to practice anywhere anytime without having to worry about dropping them or getting them dirty. Currently using the NOC PACs I did for HOPC with Alex Pandrea and the Fiberboard Trainers)
+ Wild Pocket Card Case (That's how I carry my deck along with a few packet tricks, gaffs & a few guitar picks too)
+ Begleri and Fidget Roulette Spinner (To play around and also use em when clicking some pictures wherever they blend in)
+ Mini Mints (Keeps on changing, currently using some THOR mint just coz I love the packing.. haha)
+ Lighter (I carry it to incorporate it to my magic performances, fire makes magic so much cooler)
+ My favourite line - Impossible Is Nothing... (Which is what I used on the White Card Clip)

If you would like your card gears to be featured on Kardify, feel free to contact us.

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