Cernunnos Forest Playing Card on Kickstarter

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Cernunnos Forest Playing Card on Kickstarter

Funding now on Kickstarter, Cernunnos Forest Playing Cards by Herman Ong is an eye-catching deck inspired by the power of nature. Why Cernunnos? According to the campaign page,
Cernunnos is widely believed as 'God of Nature' in Celtic's myth and history! A god in human shape with horn and in stag incarnation. The Stag had a very special role in Celtic history as many Celts believed it belonged to fairy world! And together with Cat, Snake, Dog, Bull, Seahorse, Wren, Horse, Salmon, Swan, Butterfly, Wolf and Hawk, these 13 blessing animals constructed the Celtic’s animal zodiac.

Two decks are on offer during the campaign representing the day and night of Cernunnos Forest. The Fairy Deck illustrates the 'Day time of Cernunnos Forest'. The face cards feature a neat and antique design and the card backs come with a sky-river blue Foil (a unique gradient from green to blue in sunlight). The deck is packaged in a hot-stamped tuck box featuring the signature posture of Cernunnos with a gorgeous foiling tattoo. 

The Starry Night Deck represents 'Night Time of Cernunnos Forest'. The deck features a darker colorway- midnight-green and black designs on the face cards. Both sides of the cards come with cold-foil in eye-catching Starry Iridescent color. Also, metallic midnight-green gilding is applied on the side of the deck. The deck is packaged in a hot-stamped iridescent foil on tuck box surface with an embossed Cernunnos avatar. 

The face cards of both decks feature all 13 spiritual animals in Celtic zodiac. Each fairy animal sign is illustrated in a different shape or posture day and night! 

The Suits and; pips were designed in Celtic's Blessing Knot style, Each card has a different magic circle and symbol drawn in the background with different meanings.

The Ace of Spade features the Celtic legend - "Tree of Life", with highly detailed floral ornaments and fairies surrounded it. The other aces are another famous blessing icon of Celtic - 'Eternity Knots'! 

The decks are printed by WJ printing and pledge starts at $17 on Kickstarter. Don't miss out!

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