Kickstarter: WH More Core Division Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: WH More Core Division Playing Cards

WHDecks has just released their new deck on Kickstarter, the WH More Core Division Playing Cards. This cool deck is produced in collaboration with Surfwear brand, More Core Division (MCD). This deck brings the essence of extreme sports and lifestyle in the artwork of the cards. 

Over a year in the making, the deck design was inspired by the sports and arts the team at WHDecks' love- Motocross, Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Cardistry, and others. 

The usual red color of the pips has been changed to orange, bringing a friendlier tone. The color palette is emulated on the artwork on the mirrored card backs. 

The court cards have been updated, bringing sports and tributes in each of the cards while maintaining their traditional appearance. 

The custom Ace of Spades contains unique artwork inside the spade. Look closely and you will find crows, a sword, and even a snake. Also, the Jokers are the combined brand logos, showing the brand connection to this project.

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter.

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