Sponsored Post: The ARK Light Series

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Sponsored Post: The ARK Light Series

Update : The Art Light Series is now LIVE on Kickstarter!
On September 7th, the innovative team at Ark Playing Card will be launching the ARK Light Series on Kickstarter. This exquisite deck series features 3 decks: Rebirth, Reminisce, and Verticle. All 3 decks are completely unique and like their previous campaigns, these will go fast! Only 1000 standard editions will be printed and 100 for gilded decks. 

For the first deck, Rebirth is inspired by the tree of life. The eye-catching design adopts the shape of the leaves and the writhing posture of flames, extending outward from a central point, symbolizes hope and the beginning of new life. 

This deck will be the first Playing Cards tuck box with a double 3D embossing process. They look extremely luxurious! The purple-gold/platinum-gold colorway gives the deck a touch of elegance and class. 

The design uses plants and flames that are full of vitality, and the diagonal composition pattern design on the back of the card makes it more dynamic when rotating and cutting the playing cards. 

The second deck, Reinisence features a beautiful Renaissance-style artwork but specially crafted for cardists and collectors alike. The original intention for this deck of Playing Cards was to pursue the purest state of the playing cards themselves. 

The design adopts the style of playing cards from 1831 to 1870. During this period, playing cards had moved away from and lost the label of being ‘toys of the Nobles’, and adopts a mainly graphical design. During that time, the convenient ‘corner indices’ and ‘Symmetrical Court Cards’ have not been adopted. This deck maintains the visuals of the primeval playing cards. 

In pursuit of the purest and most original appearance of playing cards themselves, adopting the style designed from 1831 to 1870. This restoration of the original design has not yet incorporated the appearance of the "corner indices" and "symmetrical court cards". 

The deck is packaged in a gorgeous tuck box printed on German imported pearl paper with a delicate and bright texture and featured 3D embossed gilding. Beautiful! 

The third deck, Vertical is crafted for cardistry and features a modern design- sharp and flamboyant! The design is inspired by the visual image of ‘criss-cross weaves’. The tuck box adopts an all-new semi-automatic mechanical box structure with a dynamic single push and pull action for opening and closing the box.

The back of the card is comprised of high-tech-armor-like X patterns and the Vertical LOGO at both ends. Its neat and bold design allows cuts and fans to effectively enhance the visual aspect of your cardistry flourishes. 

The tuck boxes can also be used in flourishing! The all-new semi-automatic mechanical opening and closing tuck box structure, dynamic single push and pull action. Not only does it represent a new and creative structure, but the smooth sliding visual can also be seamlessly integrated into your cardistry flourish video. 

These are available in red and black colorway. The tuck box features an innovative semi-automatic mechanical opening and closing tuck box structure and Kurz laser gilding. 

All 3 decks will be printed in Taiwan and pledge starts at $12 on Kickstarter. Once again, these will go fast! Don't miss out!


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