Kickstarter: Tales of the Uncursed Kingdom Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: Tales of the Uncursed Kingdom Playing Cards

Tales of the Uncursed Kingdom playing cards by Plan52 is currently funding on Kickstarter. This gorgeous deck tells the story of brave knights, four kings, and a shattered kingdom. According to the campaign page, 
We want to take you to a wonderful mystical fantasy world. Our characters and stories are inspired by legends from the real world, but they still tell their own tale. Each court card has a little back story that gives them more depth. There are love stories, rivalry, chivalry, intrigues, and friendship. 

The Tales of the Uncursed Kingdom deck is fully custom. The card back is inspired by the paintwork on the Winchester Round Table hanging in the Great Hall of Winchester Castle. The emblem is mirrored on the top and bottom of the round table and the sword of kings visualizes the kingdom's strength, the book representing the tales and knowledge of the kingdom, and the crown symbolizing the kingdom itself. 

The custom Aces represents the banners of the kings featuring pip-shaped fruit with floral ornaments and the insignia of the kings. Ace of Spades is the leader of the Round Table, the King's insignia is specially decorated and bears the banners and inscriptions of the kingdom. Ace of Hearts with the king's crown and sword. Ace of Clubs with the king's crown and sword. Ace of Diamonds with the king's crown and ax. 

The court cards have a late medieval style, inspired by fairy tales, ballads, and retro games like King's Quest. All designs are influenced by the traditional court cards to stay true to the fascinating history of playing cards. 

The number cards represent the four sacred trees- The Tree of Magic, The Tree of Life, The Tree of Knowledge, and The Tree of Mystery. Their fruits are pip-shaped and it is forbidden to eat them if the tree does not give them away freely. As the numbers increase you can see them grow to their full strength on the number cards! Brilliant! 

The Jokers are showing two sides of this legendary kingdom, one of them is a classic Jester entertaining at the royal court, while the other one is a far-traveled Fool from a distant kingdom. 

There are two editions on offer during the campaign, Knights Deck (Standard Deck) and Kings Deck (Collectors Edition -500 Decks). Both decks are packaged in a beautifully illustrated book tuck box inspired by antique books. The designers added leather design texture, paper edges, and some worn-out details. Also, inside of the tuck, there are more floral elements and flowers from the sacred trees beautifully surrounded by a leather texture.

The decks will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Co. and pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter.

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