Check Out MPC's Transparent Plastic Playing Cards on Kickstarter

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Check Out MPC's Transparent Plastic Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Transparent Playing Cards, a deck of cards fit for playing at the beach, the pool, and in the bar. If you are looking for an outdoor deck, this deck is completely waterproof and handles perfectly! 

The transparent playing cards are designed and manufactured by MakePlayingCards (MPC). The artwork used on the card fronts uses the standard MPC branded card front and the card backs uses a beautiful, more complex vector artwork pattern to cleverly hide the same area as the indices and pips on the front. This prevents players from seeing through the cards that you are holding. 

Most transparent decks currently in the market do not handle well and they stick together. MPC ensures that this deck handles beautifully, made possible through the use of MPC’s specially developed card finishing. 

Two versions are on offer during the Kickstarter campaign, the Red version, and the Black version. The colors are used on the card back pattern. There are 55 cards in the deck, ace to king including 2 jokers and 1 extra card that is completely transparent. 

These cards are made from premium quality plastic transparent card stock ensuring years of use. The surface of the cards are slightly blurred which helps them to hide the artwork on the other side whilst keeping the transparency aspect. 

This impressive transparent deck is kept in a tuck box made out of the same transparent plastic! So no worries if you drop the whole deck into the pool, or into your drink. Give them a wipe and they’re good to go once again.

Pledge starts at $17 on Kickstarter.

Check Out MPC's Transparent Plastic Playing Cards on Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 10/12/2021 Rating: 5

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