Odd Jacko Added to Odd Fellows Playing Cards Kickstarter

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Odd Jacko Added to Odd Fellows Playing Cards Kickstarter

Odd Fellows Playing Cards is the first official Portfolio52-branded Kickstarter project created as an ode to our love of playing cards. Designed with a touch of oddity by Stockholm17, the Odd Fellows are a care-free crew unbothered by the norms of "functioning members of society".  

FOUR odd characters are available during the Kickstarter campaign- Uncle Tibia, Brass Monkey, Sir Octo, and mini sized Odd Jacko (releasing on 31st Oct). Each comes with its own blend of cards and art packaged in personality that's almost too much for your eyes to handle.

Uncle Tibia is hard to scare and has a preference for those cooler tones that the deep seas bring. His pearlized tuck box features a shimmering sea urchin purple with seafoam and cerulean foil. Look closely and you'll see the barrel marks embossed and debossed throughout. The backside features Uncle Tibia himself along with his tooth collection. 

The Bass Monkey comes with a Teal pearlized tuck box with white and orange foil, plus embossed and debossed areas. The backside depicts the Brass Monkey with cutouts showing the back of the cards.

Meanwhile, Sir Octo comes with a pearlescent black ink box covered in white and red foils. This deck is exclusive to Kickstarter and features an upgraded cold foil back design that shimmers in the light. 

Odd Jacko mini deck comes in an orange paper stock and is adorned with 2 foils and embossed areas! Custom Jakko jokers and ace of spades, back design and colorized court cards, orange hearts and diamonds pips.

Inside, the decks are fully custom. From the number cards with odd layout and design, Ace of Spades to the crazy jokers and illustrated court cards. 

Also, every pip features a unique hand-drawn illustration! Over 200+ monochromatic "ingredients" makes each pip unique. The face cards for both decks share the same design but with a different color palette. 

Both decks are printed by Expert Playing Card Co. with classic finish. Pledge starts at $16 on Kickstarter.

Odd Jacko Added to Odd Fellows Playing Cards Kickstarter Reviewed by Ivan on 10/29/2021 Rating: 5

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