Twelve Terrifying Playing Cards Perfect For Halloween 2021

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Twelve Terrifying Playing Cards Perfect For Halloween 2021

It's that time of the year! We have painstakingly compiled the best playing cards for All Hallows' Eve just for you. Behold! The 2021's Kardify Top 12: Decks for Halloween! This year with enough monsters, bones, ghosts, skulls, quirky characters, and pirates to keep your spine tingling through the night. If you have one that we haven't discovered. Do feel free to share.

Note that the selection expressed in this top 12 are solely those of the author and the list is in no particular order.

Little Deck of Horrors

From Ellusionist, the Little Deck of Horrors is a celebration of the nostalgically scary 'Ghost Train' with faces haunted by ghouls, goblins, and ghosts. This whimsical deck features evil characters from the yesteryears in bright neon colors with a retro graphic design. If you are looking for a cool monster-themed deck for your magic routine or a nostalgic deck for game nights, Little Deck of Horrors will definitely do the job.

2021 Trick or Treat

The 2021 Trick or Treat deck is a fully custom hand-illustrated deck featuring a monochromatic design and a nostalgic feel. Ghouls, Goblins, Werewolfs, Zombies, Skeletons, Pumpkins, and more...! Designed by Jackson Robinson, these spooky characters are completely updated with color palette and design elements to fit the theme. Definitely, a fun-filled deck brimming with artistry and ingenuity for All Hallows' Eve.

Fulton's Day of the Dead

Fulton's Day of the Dead Playing Cards is the ultimate deck of cards for the Halloween Season. The deck features original illustrations by Jeff Trish and weaves a personal story of the afterlife, Halloween, and Day of the Dead into one of the most profound back designs ever illustrated on a deck of playing cards.

Carvers V2

From Organic Playing Cards, these pumpkins won’t go bad after a few days! Sporting a fun orange border Carvers V2 looks amazing in packet cuts and fans. This semi-custom deck now comes with skeleton Kings, the Queens are witches, and the Jacks are all JACK-O-LANTERNS! This fun deck comes comes in a sealed candy wrapper.

Bicycle Monsters

A fully custom Bicycle-branded playing cards inspired by the classic monsters from stories and myths, created in a fun style that will appeal to all ages! Each set of courts represents a different type of monster, from the Water Dwellers to the Undead, Shape Shifters, and creatures not of this world. The retro feel of the deck adds to the deck charm. Definitely a great deck to use for Halloween.

Campy Creatures

The Campy Creature Deadluxe Playing Cards are designed by Keymaster Games featuring twelve unique hand illustrations of notorious B-movie horror monsters including The Blob, The Invisible Man, The Man-Eating Plant, The Swamp Creature, and many more.

Wicked Tales

Wicked Tales by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni is the fourth deck of the Tales series inspired by Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy Books. The decks offer a vast array of characters of the most popular fairy tales, from Capt. Hook, witches, to giants and orcs. Definitely a fun deck for Halloween!


Designed by Alex Pandrea, the FEAR deck was created for his favorite season and time of year! The deck sports a vibrant orange card back and features a simplistic tuck design with the caption "The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Fear Itself" on the front, and "...And Spiders" on the back. 

Screams at Midnight

Designed by Phill Smith, Penguin Magic's Screams at Midnight playing cards celebrate the creepy, fun monster movies of the past. Devilishly delightful creatures adorn the back design. Just like many of your favorite horror flicks, these cards use 3D technology to make the monsters jump right out at you when you wear the included glasses! The deck is also fully marked for Halloween-themed magic.

Play Dead V2

The stylish Play Dead V2 from Riffle Shuffle features mixes of bold line and shape patterns with the 3D forms, but this time with a teal-green colorway. Designed by Steven Harrison, the Skull theme pops with complementary colors and lines. 

Art of Steampunk V2

The Art of Steampunk Playing Cards Vol. 2 features a unique fantasy version of nineteenth-century Victorian England imbued with today's technology, resulting in devices and contraptions that seem to have sprung from the mind of a mad twenty-first-century scientist. The fully custom deck features iconic imagery and lots of metal detailing. The courts follow the characters in Steampunk outfits with heavy weaponry, bowler hat, goggle, and military-inspired garments with garments from the Victorian era.

Vengeance of Witches

By Nicolai Aaroe, Vengeance of Witches is a 17th-century witchcraft playing cards, manufactured with deluxe features in two limited editions. The artwork on the full bleed card backs feature intricate artwork printed with metallic copper inks and blood red accents in pantone. The face cards are hand-illustrated and feature archetypes inspired by the 17th-century witch-hunts.

The selection expressed in this top12 is solely those of the author. 


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