Deck View: The Proj. Subtle Deck

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Deck View: The Proj. Subtle Deck

Isometric. Modern. Cardistry.

The Proj. Subtle deck is conceptualized by Ethan King, a cardist based in Victoria, Australia. The deck features a clean modern look with aesthetic of isometric design element which is used on both the tuck box and back design. A blue-red gradient highlight has been scattered throughout the design to draw attention.

For the faces, Ethan created a design that is minimal and clean but still contained elements that enhanced the look of various card flourishes. The courts are easily recognizable and definitely suitable for game nights. The color palette is subdued but the blue-red gradient is bright and engaging.

The line-work art on this deck is very consistent and makes this deck aesthetically pleasing. The deck finds balance in its modern intricate linework and subdued color palette used. Definitely a great example of making a statement without being too loud!

Available from your favorite Murphy's Magic Retailers.

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